Established on October 11th of 1920, the Lt. Warren S. Hathaway Americanhistoryphoto-300x286 Legion Post #228 and its Auxiliary has been providing services to our community veterans, their spouses and families for nearly 95 years! We all take a great deal of pride in our service to our country, our community, and our veterans. Our purpose is to provide needed veterans and community groups with assistance, directly to them or indirectly through our town’s veteran’s agent.

Our Post was named in honor of Lt. Warren S. Hathaway, U.S. Army. Lt. Hathaway was a Somerset resident who was killed in action during WWI on November 3rd of 1918, as part of the American Expeditionary Force in France. The Post’s first meeting took place at the Davis Parish House on School St., in the old Somerset village. In 1921, the Post moved into its current home at 55 Roosevelt Ave., the former Alpha-Pratt school. This will be our 93rd year at our home here in Somerset!